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Wireline Services

GO Wireline offers cased-hole wireline services including logging, perforating, tubing-conveyed perforating, pipe recovery, mechanical services and more, performed by a highly experienced and dedicated staff. GO Wireline’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Services
    ** Go Wireline now offers sour gas line services
  • 5k and 10k Grease Injection Pressure Control Systems
    • Flanges, Crossovers, Pump-in Tees, 2 7/8”, 5.5” and 7” Lubricator, wireline BOPs, equalization equipment, and more.
  • Logging
    • Cement Bond Log, Gamma Ray, Casing Collar Log tool
    • Radial Bond tool
    • Multi-arm Imaging (caliper) Tool – 56 arm, 40 arm, 24 arm
    • Spinner tool
    • Temperature tool
    • Gamma Ray tool
  • Pipe Recovery
    • Free Point tool
    • Jet Cutter
    • Chemical Cutter
    • Radial Plasma Torch Cutter
    • Stuck Pipe Log
  • Wireline Perforating Services with a wide array of charges, shot densities, and barrel diameters and lengths.
  • Tubing-Conveyed or Coil Tubing Perforating
  • Other Mechanical Services
    • Crane Operations in conjunction with wireline services
    • Composite Plug Setting in sizes ranging from tubing to surface casing
      • GO Wireling supplies Magnum Composite Bridge Plugs and Owen Cast Iron Bridge Plugs, or can utilize a supplied plug arranged by the customer on GO Wireline’s setting tools or a setting tool provided by the tool company.
    • Retrievable Bridge Plug Setting and Pulling
    • Packer setting
    • Junk Basket and Gauge Rings
    • Dump Bailer for sand and cement
    • Spang and Hydraulic Jars
  • Other Services
    • Third Party Gyros
    • Fishing – magnets, spears, overshots


Wireline Services
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